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Farmer's Market Favorites 

Next Farmers Market is March 12th in Groton, CT


In ancient Rome, the Vestals were priestesses of Vesta, goddess of hearth & home

winter solstice (2).png

Vestal Candle was born out of my love of Mythology and named for the Vestals of ancient Rome; one of their most sacred duties was keeping the flame at the Temple of Vesta perpetually lit. 

winter solstice.png

Vestal Candle is a one-woman show and your new favorite candlemaker if you like:

clean ingredients

saving the bees

magical scents

not getting headaches


All of my candles are made with local beeswax, love, and naturally-derived scents. Every candle is infused with real plant oils and is made with beeswax so local that I drive to pick it up myself. 

thank you for joining, my friend!

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