my story

It started with a shoebox full of candles 

My older cousin used to work at a candle store in the mall and would save all the (almost empty) burnt down candle jars for me in a shoebox under her bed. Candles have always been a time capsule of memories for me. A certain scent will transport me right back to a special time in my life. Now, I pour my favorite memories into candles so you, too can visualize yourself in a different time.

My rising sign is Taurus. Ruled by Venus, planet of love, relationship, connection, pleasure and people-pleasing.

I was born to remind others to enjoy the simple pleasures of life. 



what inspires me

I'm inspired by mythology, archetypes, tarot and the magic of plants. My candles are made with local beeswax, and my plant-based fragrances are natural and never overwhelming. 


Lauren lives in a little studio by the sea with her partner and her hellhound Verona! 

Lauren started Vestal Candle in 2019 in her mother's kitchen. Inspired by nature, a love of mythology and of course, a love of candles. Lauren was inspired by the magic of beeswax. Now she pours her candles in a small seaside village in New England.


Why Beeswax?

  • It's more dense and more sustainable than soy or paraffin

  • Partnering with local beekeepers helps support local pollinators

  • Burns longer and cleaner than other waxes

  • Beeswax has a beautiful sunshine yellow-gold color that produces such a warm and calming light

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