WRAITH is a spell for haunting and remembrance. Victorian ghost wandering the moor for her lover vibes. For when you feel melancholy and spooky & need comforting. Water sign energy.


Smells Like

Earl grey tea warming your cold hands, dried lavender hanging from the rafters, vanilla & clary sage giving you a hug...All whilst haunting the moors for your long lost love.


Made With

  • A blend of midnight black beeswax & lavender infused oil
  • Ethically sourced sparkling mica
  • Lavender buds & real earl grey tea
  • Hand poured in small batches by the sea in New England
  • Made with natural ingredients and local beeswax
  • Repurposed whiskey glasses


Comes With

Each candle in the MONSTROUS collection comes with a Spotify playlist that explores the feeling of each candle. The Wraith playlist is is haunting, romantic and dissonant.