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The Goddess

The Goddess

The Goddess is the older sister of The MuseShe is roughly 1lb of raw beeswax, and she will burn for roughly 80-100 hours. Her form is inspired by the Venus of Willendorf, a statue carved 25,000 to 30,000 years ago;


  • "Very little is known about the Venus' origin, method of creation, or cultural significance; however, it is one of numerous "Venus figurines" surviving from Paleolithic Europe. The purpose of the carving is the subject of much speculation. (...) Parts of the body associated with fertility and childbearing have been emphasized, leading some researchers to believe that the Venus of Willendorf and similar figurines may have been used as fertility goddess. The figure has no visible face, her head being covered with circular horizontal bands of what might be rows of plaited hair, or perhaps a type of headdress."                         -- Wikipedia 


Burn The Goddess when you need a to tap into that well of primordial goddess energy, or to manifest abundance / fertility in some aspect of your life.


Burn on a ceramic dish or other fire safe surface, protect your furniture from beeswax drips!

    PriceFrom $30.00
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