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Baba Yaga's Skulls

Baba Yaga's Skulls

Spooky scary skeletons aren't just for October. Keep one of Baba Yaga's skulls grinning at you from the mantle, as light blazes from its eyes, guiding you on your way to inner wisdom. 


These candles were inspired by the Russian Folk Tale; Vasalisa the Beautiful. It is a tale about a young woman who is able to connect with her intuition and strength after getting lost in the woods and finding herself at the hut of Baba Yaga. The Yaga gives Vasalisa many tasks, and when she is able to successfully complete them, she sends her on her way; "Baba Yaga gives Vasalisa light—a fiery skull on a stick—and tells her to go."


The skull is thought to be the dome which houses a powerful remnant of a departed which, if asked, can call the entire spirit of the dead person back for a time in order to be consulted. So, when Baba Yaga gives Vasalisa a lighted skull, she is giving her an old-woman icon, an "ancestral knower," to carry with her for life.  


Use when you need to tap into your deep inner knowing. Gift to those who need guidance and a reminder of their strength.


Handmade with pure golden CT beeswax. 

Available in regular sunny golden beeswax, or in a deep, midnight black (dyed black w/ natural vegetable-based dye).


Excerpt is from Clarissa Pinkola Estés "Women Who Run With the Wolves".


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