SUCCUBUS is a spell for seduction and channels self love and pleasure. Fire sign energy that makes you feel electric, desirable & indestructible. For manifesting self love in all its forms and seducing unsuspecting townsfolk. 


Smells Like 

Rose petals crushed in your hands, cinnamon sticks, spicy chai, and santal perfume dabbed on your wrist.


Made With

  • A blend of midnight black beeswax & herb-infused oils
  • Ethically sourced sparkling red mica
  • Hand poured in small batches by the sea in New England
  • Made with natural ingredients and local beeswax
  • Repurposed whiskey glasses



Comes With

Each candle in the MONSTROUS collection comes with a Spotify playlist that explores the feeling of each candle. The Succubus playlist is enthralling, intense and spicy and definitely explicit