MEDUSA is a spell for protection and channeling feminine rage. The snake wreathed gorgon has been a symbol of the world's discomfort with a powerful woman. French revolutionaries also depicted her "not as a petrifier but as a beheader, her own head recognizably snaky yet still firmly attached to her shoulders" in this, she is also a symbol of radical political thinking. Anger has a purpose and can spur us to revolutionary thinking.


Smells Like

Hemp, cypress, vetiver & Egyptian coriander. The scent of greenery and dark woods that invites you to take a cathartic scream into the abyss.


Made With

  • A blend of midnight black beeswax & hemp oil
  • Ethically sourced sparkling green mica
  • Hand poured in small batches by the sea in New England
  • Made with natural ingredients and local beeswax
  • Repurposed whiskey glasses


Comes With

Each candle in the MONSTROUS collection comes with a Spotify playlist that explores the feeling of each candle. The Medusa playlist is full of feminine rage, 90s grunge & scream-alongs.


'For what is most compelling in the long history of the myth and its retellings is Medusa's intrinsic doubleness: at once monster and beauty, disease and cure, threat and protection, poison and remedy' - excerpt from "The Medusa Reader" edited by Marjorie Garber & Nancy Vickers


- excerpt above mentioning French Revolutionaries comes from "Medusa's Head: Male Hysteria under Political Pressure" by Neil Hertz