Hot Nymph Summer Set

Hot Nymph Summer Set

Hot Nymph Summer Set


My hope is that these candles help you embody the different archetypes of the myths and nymphs they explore, and they serve to infuse this particular time in your life with their plant magic and intention. ⁣



  • The Calypso candle evokes sensuality, sea salt spray, waterlilies and succulent blood orange. Hands sticky with grapefruit juice and driftwood piled up for a beach bonfire. Skinny dipping under the full moon. Romance and occasionally nursing an aching heart. Our secret inner selves and desires. Calypso lives in the present and has a keen awareness of her wants & needs.


  • Smells like fresh air and magic, clean, invigorating cypress and the slightly spicy smell of earth and herbs underfoot. Daphne is associated with Apollo and Cupid, but also with the concept of acheivement; laurel crowns were given as prizes to poets, athletes and musuians.


  • Gathering flowers by the stream on a hot summer day to make fresh flower infused honey. Smells like a refreshing dip in a cool stream, laughter reverberating off the water.


There's a strong link between our memories and our sense of smell. ⁣I like to think that the same can be true through time; that smelling certain combinations of plant oils can transport you to the beach of Ogygia, to dancing nymphs and sun soaked forests.