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Hearth Candle

Vesta Goddess of Hearth & Home

Frankincense & Patchouli Essential Oils


Burn this candle to wrap your home in Vesta's sacred protection and make your space a sanctuary.


Vesta is the Goddess of hearth & home. She stands watchful in the threshold, firelight flickering on her face. Her expression is warm and welcoming.


Vesta personifies dedication and devotion to one's purpose, and keeps her sacred flame burning eternally. 


    • Made with 100% locally sourced beeswax
    • Made with 100% recycled glass / recycled aluminum
    • Made with all natural and organic essential oils
    • Clean burning wooden wicks that crackle softly
    • 10 oz candles have an average burn time of 40-60 hours
    • Beeswax candles help purify the of dust, mold, dander and other positively-charged pollutants.
    • Each candle is hand poured with love on a new moon.

    Every candle is lovingly handmade. I ship priority through USPS and I include love notes in each package. 

    I use biodegradable corn starch packing peanuts in my shipments, but there also might be some bubble wrap or paper in there too, I try to re-use any packing materials my vendors send me and ask that you do the same!

    These jars ARE glass, so in an abundance of caution, I really try to stuff these boxes to make sure your candles are safe and sound.