Cottagecore Set

Cottagecore Set

Make every room in your home feel like walking in the cottage of your daydreams. 


The Fairy

  • The Fairy is ethereal, powerful and mischevious. Smells like devotion, light glinting on dewy jasmine, bare shoulders kissed by the warm spring sun, grapefruit juice running down your chin. 

The Forager

  • The Forager has a discerning eye, is determined and deeply connected to the earth. Smells like standing in the forest in the rain, soft moss underfoot, an enchantment of wood and vetiver.

The Herbalist

  • An Ode to The Herbalist, the most ancient and wise of healers. Potionmakers, herbcrafters, and devotees of Mother Earth. Smells like herbal oils infusing in the sunlight on the porch, bees humming in the cottage garden, fresh cut lavender, carefully poured tincutres clinking together in a basket.


And though not traditionally associated with cottagecore, The Witch is an embodyment of some of the best values of cottagecore; independence. Which is why I've also made available 


AAAAND...As a treat and a can choose to get the Cottagecore Set & The Witch!

The Witch!

  • The Witch is  independent, authentic and the embodyment of truth. Smells like dancing in the forest on a full moon, a blooming rosebush by the garden gate, and hands scooping up palmfuls of rich, black soil.


As always, all candles are made with 100% local beeswax (Please your local faeries by supporting local apiaries!) and all natural smells extracted from plants. 

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