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PLACES Candle Bundle; Set of 4

PLACES Candle Bundle; Set of 4

bundle and save with the new places candles!


the library...smells like old leatherbound books, sandalwood and vetiver

  • old leatherbound books. the old favorite you reach for again and again. the comfort of curling up in a cozy overstuffed chair with a warm blanket. earthy sandalwood & vetiver.

the kitchen...smells like hot apple pie cooling on the stove, rosemary and sage drying from the rafters

  • the heart of every home is the kitchen; herbs drying in the rafters overhead, steaming apple pie is carefully placed on the counter, fresh out of the oven. hot tea is brewing, you are home.

the cabin...smells like a cozy woodstove, like sweet tobacco and cedar.

  • the old cabin glows like a beacon in the cold night. as the old door creaks open, light and warmth and the rich scent of woodstove and tobacco spill out and envelop you like a hug from an old friend.

the forest...smells like petrichor, pinyon pine and silver fir 

  • hiking through the misty forests of the pacific northwest. bright green moss underfoot, a gentle rain falls from the canopy above. the air smells like trees, green and earthy.


each candle is made with local beeswax, essential oils, and pthalate free fragrance oil. each burns for ~60 hours.

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