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Nature Walks & Mugwort

It was a cold, wet morning in New England today. I put on my waterproof hiking shoes and my warm jacket and we took off for some trails in the woods by our house. We took a long meandering trail, saw several deer, splashed along through the mud. The air was cool and everything smelled like earth. It was magical and I felt so cleansed.

We took a different trail today and stumbled upon a gorgeous patch of mugwort!

You can tell Mugwort by the silvery underside of its leaves and, when rubbed, the herb produces a faintly sage-like herbaceous scent.

  • Mugwort's Latin name Artemisia vulgaris is named in honor of the goddess Artemis.It is thought to be named after Artemis because most of its medicinal uses involve female reproduction, and Artemis protects mothers and birthing people.

  • Mugwort has historically been used to harmonize menstrual cycles with lunar cycles.

  • Once upon a time, mugwort was considered among the most important of women's herbs. It was incorporated into infusions and baths and burned as incense.

"As the goddess of wildlife, particularly of young wildlife, she was associated with many undomesticated animals that symbolized her qualities; the stag, doe, hare and quail all shared her elusive nature". (Bolen, pg 46).

It just so happened that we ran into several deer on our walk today!

I use mugwort oil in my Herbalist candle, and I know the next time I burn it I will be transported to this cool, wet morning in the woods.

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