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Text in a wavy line that says "Handmade candles & incense..."
Text in a wavy line that reads "Inspired by mythology & nature..."

In ancient Rome, the Vestals were priestesses of Vesta, goddess of hearth & home

Vestal Candle was born out of my love of Mythology and named for the Vestals of ancient Rome; one of their most sacred duties was keeping the flame at the Temple of Vesta perpetually lit. 

A statue of a woman / goddess from the shoulders up. She is looking off to the right and there are sepia tones.
A statue of the Greek goddess Athena in profile, facing left. Image in sepia tones.

Handmade beeswax candles and incense with traditional methods inspired by nature and all of its beauty. The golden candles are made with the finest local beeswax, infused with the energy of the sun and the earth, to create a sacred space for you to meditate and relax. Each candle and offering is crafted with intention and care, to bring you warmth and coziness.

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Vestal Candle is a one-woman show and your new favorite candlemaker if you like:

clean ingredients
saving the bees
magical scents
not getting headaches
All of my candles are made with local beeswax, love, and naturally-derived scents. Every candle is infused with real plant oils and is made with beeswax so local that I drive to pick it up myself. 

Text in a wavy line that reads "Mythic Magic...Goddess on Earth..." A photo of four candles lined up on a wooden surface. A painting of a woman with a butterfly on her hand cropped in a scalloped flower pattern.
An image of a hand reaching upwards with leaves and branches sprouting from its fingertips.

thank you for joining, my friend!

An image of ancient greek corinthian columns.
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